Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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Im working out more to try to sculpt my body so i can one day be the strongest person in the world......................yeah right. But really I usually partner up with one of my friends, and he and I work out for about an hour everyday of the week. He has been sick these past two days, and since he and I usually take turns on different machines, I've been working out by myself and getting twice the excersice..................................SO IT HURTS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
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(see previous post for questions)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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I found this website that gives you information on popular movie/ tv show cars, that you CAN RENT!!! I am a movie person.........and andmovie car person. I never thought that I would ever be able to drive the original '66 bat mobile from the Adam west tv show
, or the '92 bat mobile from the michael keaton Batman, or K.I.T.T., or even the Back to the Future style delorean
(my all time favorite car of all time). The site is called Star Car Central and if your looking for a fancy ride to a special event or are just looking for an awesome ride to make your friends jealous, Star Car is place to go.
Sunday, January 27, 2008
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Sorry peeps for missing the ball drop with you, but I hope you all had a good time anyway. I spent the night with a friend playing hours upon hours of Halo 3, guitar hero, and call of duty 4. My friends family was very nice, made great food, and when the clock hit 12, it was nothing but smiles, small explosions, and all around loud for a good 5 minutes straight. later that day, I went to the Rose Parade fo the first time and learned a few things. 1) Parking isnt possible. People were parking in other peoples drivways, on lawns, everywhere. We found a spot about a mile and a half from the parade sometime around 4 in the morning. 2) ITS FRICKIN' COLD! I didnt know this, so I spent the 4 hours after we got there shivering and layering up with everything I had. 3) People suck. The people there were cranky and, rude, but the only people that were cranky and rude were the only people that shouldnt have. There were people who came to claim a good spot a day in advance, and they were kind people who were enjoyed good conversation. The cranky people were the people who showed up 30 minutes in advance, and cut in front everyone so that they could see, and when the people tried to get there rightfully earned spts back, the cranky people yelled at them. 4)Its worth the cold, and the cranky people to see the floats up close and personal.
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Sorry. I forgot my password. I would try to make up a cool story, like i was ubduced by ninjas who were holding the world hostage, and they needed my help, but i being the honorable person i am, refused. Then i made my escape with my super awesome chocolate covered super mind powers, and I just amde it back. But life isnt like that for me. OR IS IT???????
Sunday, October 28, 2007
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So I went paint balling with a couple of friends last weekend for the first time. I really had no idea what to expect. I went to camp pendleton ( which was evacuated, and may be on fire, I don't know). Anyway, I didn't have any gear of my own so I rented the gun, mask, pods to carry more paint, air tank, but I kept having to buy more paint balls.

When the first game started, everyone started moving, and yelling, so I just got behind a bunker and bunker and tried not to get shot. I started to get the hang of it, and my team won the first game. The second game didn't go so well, we got all of 5 people on their side out, and we only had about 5 guys left (including me), so I did the only responsible thing to do........I went in for a suicide run. This idea looked much better in my head then it did after I had been shot in the head, chest, and gun. It stung but I took two or three guys with me.

We went to some different fields, but the part I didn't understand, was that when it was all over, between my two friends and I, I had the most bruises by far. One had two, the other had none, and I had 16. 16!!!! Ca you believe that! Despite the fact that I was limping for two days, I had a great time, and will try to do it again soon.
Saturday, October 20, 2007
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It has taken me two whole days, but renovations to the blog are almost done. I might change a few things here and there, butfor the most part, I have changed the template, and some other things thanks to html. I am just beging to learn about the miles of code that makes up my blog. With a little help, I may be able to eventually find a way to put videos, music, and all those other fun html toys.
Anyway, I have officially remodelled the blog with a nice Bat theme to it. I am very proud of my new accomplishment, and I am happy to announce the new "BAT BLOG"
Saturday, August 4, 2007
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I'm a person who likes to the thoughts of others, so for all of the 2 people that read this, i'm thinking of learning to play an instrument. Do you think I should? Which one do you think i should learn?
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When I left home to visit my mom for the summer, i was originally going to take the train, meaning I could have taken as much stuff as I wanted. I could have brought my bike, my game systems, my laptop, and theoretically my snake( which i would have never brought because my mom hates it and i wouldn't want anything "MYSTERIOUSLY" happening to him). Unfortunaly, I had to fly for a reason i can't really remember, but i was forced to leave most everything but my clothes behind. I don't know how much longer i can last not having all of the things i used daily, before summer started. I'm afraid that i'll go home and not remember how to use anything and that all of my pets will not remember me, and my room has been rented out to some stranger, and all of my things were given to my sister to sell away, and use the money to buy clothes for her!!!!!!!!!! But i'm having a good time with my mom over the summer, and i'll be going home soon so i'm just going to try to enjoy being with my mom cause i don't see her that often and we're going camping next week. WOOOOHOOO!!!!
Sunday, April 15, 2007
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My snake, which ive had for a couple of months, is just shy of 2 feet long, and his name is the General. He is a snow cornsnake, and eats small mice. I have a video of him eating, which i must say, is really quite graphic, but im having a problem posting it. Here is a picture of him until I can get the video up.

And yes that is a tail in his mouth.
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This is my first posting. In my blog, I plan to write about any thing I think any of the few people that will read it, might find interesting. If you would like to post a comment, go right ahead. I like feedback.